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Lamb ImageHigh Quality Lamb from the Llandinabo Farm Shop
Lamb from Britainís rare breeds kept on grass and matured at their own pace is truly something to savour.

Please select the products you require from the list below. Details of the different cuts are on our main website, but please contact us if you need further information or the precise product you require isn't listed: or 01531 632744.


- Lamb Breast
- Lamb Burgers
- Lamb Chops
- Lamb Cutlets, Rack & Crown Roast
- Lamb Diced or Minced
- Lamb French-Trimmed Cutlets & Rack
- Lamb Leg Joints
- Lamb Leg Steaks or Gigot Chops
- Lamb Loin
- Lamb Middle Neck or Scrag
- Lamb Shoulder
- Lamb Stir Fry
- Lamb/Mutton Sampler Pack
- Lamb's Offal
- Mutton Chops
- Mutton Diced or Minced
- Mutton Leg
- Mutton Loin
- Mutton Neck Rings
- Mutton Shoulder