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Beef ImageHigh Quality Beef from Llandinabo Farm Shop
Beef from our native breeds, raised and matured in the most natural way is a delight to eat. Quality meat is produced by allowing animals to mature at a natural pace and then the careful preparation of the meat by the butcher. Our beef comes exclusively from Steers (castrated males) and Heifers (young females that have not bred) and never from bulls.

Please select the products you require from the list below. Details of the different cuts are on our main website, but please contact us if you need further information or the precise product you require isn't listed: or 01531 632744.


- Backrib and Toprib
- Brisket
- Burgers
- Diced Steaks for Stewing
- Fillet
- Forerib
- Leg of Mutton Cut
- Mince
- Minute Steaks
- Offal
- Ox Tongue
- Oxtail
- Porterhouse Steaks
- Rump
- Sausages
- Shank
- Short Ribs
- Silverside & Topside
- Sirloin
- Skirt
- Stir Fry Beef
- Suet
- T Bone Steaks
- Top Rump or Thick Flank
- Value Sampler Pack
- Wing Rib